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Everything from Scripting to Fully Integrated Programs

We love scripting! And we love working and even developing fully blown programs.

We are a programming company, this is what we do best.

Code Integrity

Code should be logical and easy to follow. That way, someone who does not know the programming language can understand what is trying to be accomplished.



Database management is the key to getting good information out of gathered data.

Machine Learning & A.I.

In 1996 I was asked to contribute to a math project for engineering credits. I was the mathematician, and my partner was the coder.

It was a simple enough project. Apply Linear Algebra to a matrix of Fourier Transforms that would optimize dynamically and recursively to find patterns in frequency and dimension.

It attempted to work the same way the human eye works to find patterns. But it was a machine. So it didn’t get tired. And you could attach it to a telescope to look at the sky. Or anything, even raw data.

It’s called Post Road Software because we really enjoy making software.

We are computer science engineers. This is what we do. πŸ™‚