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Home Offices & Remote Offices

We have several different service packages designed to update and upgrade your home office as well as give you full access to tech support as if you were in a full office.

Cloud & Local

Both have their own pros and cons, we are ready to help you with both.

The decision about what goes on the cloud vs what gets stored locally is actually a risk calculation. Beyond that, it can be a team preference choice.

Remote Monitoring and Administration

This is another great example of older technology getting a new life due to decreasing networking costs. If you do have hardware, we can remotely monitor it for you 24 hrs a day.

Updates and Migrations

Your people are the best at what they do. But there are days when even the best could use a little help.

It might be script writing, data integrity checks, or any of many transition related issues.

Big Moves

There are very few companies that can show up with school buses filled with trained and educated individuals, who are ready to work.

For Everything Sysadmin, Network Admin, Server Related…

We have experts ready to help you. If you want to set up a new office, or just upgrade your Wi-Fi. Give us a call. We are hands on, well educated, and we understand the bigger picture.