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Engineering is our family business.

Charles O’Donnell was an Electrical Engineer who had 8 children.

All of them went to work as either engineers or at a technology company.

5 of the children earned Engineering degrees. 4 have multiple degrees.

My father taught us that a design was only as good as the application, and that its success can only be measured by the end user.

The Early Days

The idea for Post Road Software came from working with study groups while earning my Masters in Computer Science. It was a nimble group of collaborators all focused on coming up with as many successful solutions to a problem as possible. Seeing that level of collaboration and so many bright ideas coming forward was inspiration enough.

Post Road Software, today

The Pandemic has changed the landscape of how we do business.

It’s an era when brick and mortar offices are being decentralized, the conference room is digital, and everyone has a home office.


Post Road Software utilizes a team approach to solving problems with you. We work with you forming one cohesive unit to accomplish the goal.


We have solutions ready to go, based on our extensive experience. But we include new ideas into every new project and every new effort.


Whether taking the lead, or joining an effort already in progress. Add us to your rolodex and let us contribute to your success.

President & CFO

Dr. MingLun Lee

President & CFO

Patrick M O’Donnell

Lead Engineer & Head of Sales

Our Engineers & Specialists

Specialized Project Teams