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Post Road Software

Let’s build a better business, together.

Post Road Software is a Computer Science Engineering Company dedicated to help you grow your business to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges head on.

Real Engineers

Post Road Software is an Engineering Firm. That means you talk to an engineer, educated in solving problems.

Deep Bench

PRS works closely with local Universities, so you get unending access to bright educated minds.

Great Tech

Research driven solutions based on engineering fundamentals, not off the shelf products.

Business Intelligence

Making the right decision can only be done if you have the right information. Let us help you automate your data organization to give you the advantage you need.

IT Support

Our IT Help Desk is packed with Engineers. The question should not be, ‘how do I fix this?’ It should be, ‘how do we not let this slow us down again.’

Technology Infrastructure

Let’s develop a program that involves everything from hand held devices to the network you need to be successful.

Find out how Post Road Software engineers can help your business.

“A successful kitchen should only be evident by how delicious and appealing the food is on the plate.”

Miranda Lee

“Let us help you develop solutions to thrive in this dynamic environment.”

Patrick O’Donnell

“It will be easy if we work together.”

Gibsan K.

Contact us today to begin a project or just to start a dialogue.

The only mistake you can make is to not call us. We will bring the best technology has to offer to your door step and make it accessible and successful at your organization.